Demands for increasing energy efficiency and the best possible carbon footprint mean that the mobility sector is opting for ever lighter components to save weight.

Aluminium is the ideal material to meet these requirements. Ongoing development of die casting technology is opening up new possible applications.

  • Mobility Getriebedeckel
  • Mobility Ventilgehäuse
  • Mobility Topf
  • Mobility Motorgehäuse
  • Mobility Motorgehäuse
  • Mobility Schaltschwinge
  • Mobility Leitrad
  • Mobility Gehäuse EP2
  • Mobility Ventilblock
  • Mobility Vakuumgehäuse
  • Mobility Schalteinheit
  • Mobility Servogehäuse
  • Mobility Kühlkörper
  • Mobility Kühlung
  • Mobility Einlegetechnik